Save yourself the heartache
By:  "C"
Posted March 21, 2007

I'm so glad I just visited this site. I wish I had seen these reviews before. We purchased a wonderful bullmastiff from GGR almost 2 weeks ago. Against Tracy's orders I took her to my vet who said she was 5 not 3 and had a heart murmur and a thyroid problem. She also wanted to check for pulmonary edema since her breathing was somewhat questionable. Tracy told me this dog had no problems other than incontinece at times and to give her a pill in the morning and a pill at night. When I read the prescription bottle it said 1 pill 2-3 times per week. the side effects of this medication is something called blood dyscrasias- it basically keeps any white or red blood cells from being produced giving the dog nNO immunity.

Anyway.... My sweet wonderful dog died in my arms this morning after just having her 2 weeks. I am heartbroken and sick to my stomach. I took good care of this dog and her health didn't just deteriorate in a 2 week time frame. She was sick when we paid $700 for her. I have vowed never to buy a rescue dog again and it won't be soon enough if I never see or deal with this couple again.

Please don't give them any more money, save yourself the heartache. I loved that dog and I'm glad she got 2 weeks with me as opposed to being there- but how many unhealthy dogs is she going to sell at our expense?

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