Gentle Giant News was created by a Gentle Giants Rescue Adoptor, named Barbara Laird.  So as not to re-tell the story, my story (Barbara) can be read on the adoptors testimonies page of this website.

As a result of a near tragic circumstance with Gentle Giants Rescue, Barbara Laird discovered that there were many, many other people that have a heart-wrenching story to tell.  These individual people that have come forward and spoken out publicly are protected under the United States' Constitution First Amendment "Right to Free Speach".   By posting these true life testimonies on the internet for others to read, the hope is that the public will be aware of the potentials of a similar experience happening to them if they chose to also adopt a dog from Gentle Giants Rescue.

I am frequently asked the question, "If you've never had any troubles with your adopted dog, and since you have already won the law suit, then why continue The Fight"?   One simple answer:  So other people don't have to go through what I've been through and so that others don't fall victims to Gentle Giants Rescue.  This is NOT about me ... it never has been.  I continue the fight because it what is right and it is what needs to be done.  Plain and Simple.

Gentle Giant News is always seeking to find more people that have had similar adoption experiences as the other adoptors have shared on this website, and invite you to write to us if you would like your experience to be heard.
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