Below are Adoption Experiences from actual
Gentle Giant Adopters.

I personally believe the truth is best told by those that have experienced and lived it themselves. Read what real people have to say about their adoption experience with Gentle Giants Rescue.

These testimonies have been posted with the permission of the author.

* A few people have chosen to remain anonymous or just use their online user name,
in fear of losing their adopted dog to Gentle Giants.
However, their testimonies are just as valid and just as important as the others.

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Last updated:  September 2013

The following are testimonies,  comments and message board posts that are from individual people voicing their opinions and warnings about Gentle Giants, based on what they have experienced and/or previously read about or have personally encountered with Gentle Giants.

Some of these individuals have released a dog to GGR, have been denied to adopt, and/or actually been to Gentle Giants to adopt and had decided NOT to adopt for various different reasons.
If you have also adopted a dog from Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions, in Norco, CA  and would like to share your story, we would love to hear it.

If you have had any other type of working relationship with Gentle Giants, what was that experience like?
(For example:  Did you release a dog you could no longer keep?  Are you an County or City Animal Control Agency?  Would you release dogs to Gentle Giants?  Do you  or have you transported for Gentle Giants?  Do you foster for Gentle Giants? Have you ever applied to adopt a dog from Gentle Giants and been denied?)

We would love to hear your story.  Please contact us.

Other Sources of Unsatisfied Adopters; those that may have personal experience with Gentle Giants Rescue; or just general comments from the public


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•  http://www.tribe.net - Gentle Giants Rescue

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•  http://www.reviewstream.com/reviews/?p=10599

•  http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/219/RipOff0219835.htm

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2005 Adopter

•   Kim
•   Andi
•   Julie H.
•   Barbara
•   Madelyn
•   "Lineover"
•   Roni
•   Julie K.
•   "Engelhlywd"
•   Jim
•   Jane
•   "Giantlover"
•   Rob
•   Cheryl
•   Anonymous 2
•   Kimberely
•   Sharon
•   Anonymous 3
•   Autumn
2006 Adopter

•   Kelly
•   Andrea
•   "Derwud"
•   "Gadget"
•   Ash
•   Mailani
•   "dg5842"
•   Anonymous 5
2007 Adopter

•   Kimberly
•   Lisa
•   Aerie
•   "My Mastiff"
•   Anonymous 6
       aka "Southerntam"
•   Anonymous 8
•   *new*   "C"

2008 Adopter

•   John
•   Karol
•   Sandy
•   "Saint Lover"
•   Anonymous 9
•   Kim

•   "new" Emily
2009 Adopter

•   Michelle
•   FF Family
•   A.J. Johnson
•   Kelley
•   Ken
•   Richard  (Plumber went to their house)
•   Linda 
(A rescuer's perspective)
•   Shana
•   Anonymous 1 
(Decided not to adopt)
•   "Orla"  
(Misrepresenting - Bait & Switch)
•   Sally
•   "Onyx"
•   Anonymous 4 
(An AKC Great Dane Judge checked out GGR)
•   Jaime 
(A rescuers perspective)
•   "Bluesmomma"
•   Terry 
(Decided not to adopt)
•   Anonymous 7 
(Decided not to adopt)
•   Kim 
(Decided not to adopt)
•   Lori
•   *new* Kaleigh 
(Relinquished Dog)
•   "new" John 
(Norco resident)
•   "new" Erin 
(A vet perspective)
•   *new* "MstLvDgs"
•   *new* Marie 
(Decided not to adopt)
•   *new* Grant 
(Application rejected because he didn't want to feed GG's food)
2010 Adopter

•   *new* "Red"
2011 Adopter

•   *new* Marisa
2013 Adopter

•   *new* Daniel
•   *new* Dana
Discovering and Disclosing The Truth About
Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions
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