Andi & Ari's Adoption Testimony:

I adopted Ari from Gentle Giants.

I can only speak to my experience. I was told a dog, any dog, would be 400 to 500 dollars, and because I was not looking for a puppy, it would not be the later amount.   As soon as I "picked" ( he picked us, really ) all of a sudden this poor skinny to the point of every rib and vertebra showing dog, with his tail wrapped in paper towels and masking tape, price went from 400 to 650. After all, she promised he was a "rare" color, and was 18 months old. ( None of which I believed, but I was "in love" already)

Yep, it was fine until he was home about an hour and started coughing and vomiting, and coughing, and when I took his temp, he was running 105. I contacted the rescue before I took him to the vet, as I was pretty upset, and was assured it was probably nothing but a reaction to moving. I ran him to the ER vet and found that his cough wasn't just an average kennel cough, his lungs sounded " slushy".

X-rays, injections of antibiotics, steroids for his lungs, blood work, and a vet bill way over what I paid for him.

I faxed the bill, asking for half, since the vet assured me that who ever sold him to me had to have known how sick he was. And that Ari had to be at least 3 years old.   None of my subsequent calls were returned.

==>>> A week later I was petting him and noticed that he still had his neuter stitches

===>>> Over the past couple years since I have had Ari, and joined, there are folks who will direct people who have had similar experiences to me. I have had private communications from I would say at least half a dozen adopters who have never posted their full experiences on the board.

Andi Leigh-Morhaime

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