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I think that one of you contacted me about the Wards awhile back.  I think it's fabulous that you've decided to 'take 'em on'!  What a couple of idiots those people are.

Several years ago myself and two other people active in the Dane community went to the Wards with myself posing as a newbie to Danes and future owner.  We wanted to see if they were breeding litters as well as trafficking in Danes.  What we found made us sick.  No screening of either dog nor possible future owner was done.  People were being overcharged and lied to about the 'source' of the dogs.  The place was filthy and stunk to high heavens.  Even their home smelled so strongly of urine that we could smell it outside the closed front door.  There were 3 harl pups around 3-4 months old closed in a bathroom with shit smeared all over the walls and toilet.  One dog was chained and obviously aggressive.  The were still offering him as an adoptee!  There was a blind wobbler bitch that they refused to euthanize.  She was shy and terrified!  It made us sick!  These people need to be shut down!  They don't even deserve to own a house plant!  If there's anything I can do, please let me know.  -- Name withheld at the request of the author

Note - The author is a well known show judge and an active member of the Great Dane Club of California and the Great Dane Club of America. While she is willing to testify or do whatever else she can to help, she has asked us not to reveal her identify on the internet. We will be happy to provide contact info to any valid animal control agency who wishes to verify this information.

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