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September 27, 2007

I just read your horrifying story about GGR.  How terrible for you!  I really can’t tell you how I feel - words fail me.

Two days ago my wife and I went to GGR to rescue a Saint.  We waited 30 minutes for the gate to be opened and another 30 minutes in the “spacious” parking lot after being yelled at to stay in the car.  I’m disabled and walking is hard.  My wife is not the kind of person who waits patiently so after 25 minutes she got out of the car to look around.  Less than a minute later she returned to the car and said “Let’s get out of here!”  I agreed.  We could not believe the conditions we’d seen.

God, were we fortunate.  All we could talk about on the ride home (only 30 minutes) were the difference between what we’d seen on the web and the actual. I still had a hole in my heart.  I really wanted a large dog.  My only dog had passed just the week before.  I still wondered about our decision to leave.  Then, I found this web site and read the horror stories!  Our feelings were right on. 

I have to thank you and all of the others who told t heir stories.  I’m relieved to know I was right but, my wife and I are really upset.  How can this organization stay in business?  Are there no government agencies to complain to and to do anything?  All of your stories tell of nothing but fraud and deceptive practices.  These people appear to be nothing more than simple crooks masquerading as “do gooders”!  I can only help you all gather together and shut this travesty down.  My wife and I are upset but, we have no real grounds since we actually did no business with them.  We just took a ride and lost a couple hours of our time.  But all of you lost money, had heartaches and in some cases actually were attacked by these “Gentle” animals.

I just had to write this and tell you and the others that we bleed for you.  Please do what you can to stop these people for defrauding more people like yourselves!

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