Testimony submitted December 2009

In July of 2005, my husband and I decided that we were ready to expand our family of three ( we had a 6 month old little girl). A client of mine had told me about GGR and I was excited and all over it! We had always been lovers of Great Danes, and now was the time to get one.

After making our appt and driving 2 hours (only to sit in the car with a six month old for an hour because Tracy was running late), we finally made it in to the hot, dirty, fly infested backyard. Tracy brought out dogs, one by one. nothing of what we had said we were interested in seeing. After bringing out about 10 dirty, skinny dogs that I would have never thought were purebred, she told us she had Dane Mastiff puppies that were in the house and too young to see. She went inside and took pictures so that we could pick which one we wanted. We chose an adorable little boy, who we named "Hurley". We paid Tracey $650 and were told that we could pick him up in two weeks.

We picked Hurley up two weeks later, followed Burt to the vet to buy some of the "must have dog food", and then were on our way home.  Since we had brought Hurley home, I noticed he was sneezing a lot and he had a runny nose. The next day I took him to our vet. He said "it's probably just a cold. If you see any green discharge from his nose, call immediately!". The next day, I scream for my husband to come see the green stuff running out of Hurley's nose. Back to the vet to hear horrible news... His bet was that Hurley has distemper. A rare and most of the time deadly disease that ended up taking our puppies life. The vet put him on the best medication and ran tests to confirm what he thought. He told us to give him all the love we could give. We were determined to give Hurley a will to live.

Back up a little bit... At the first signs of the cold, I called Tracey, who told me to give Hurley some stupid antibiotic (she kept repeating herself and saying it over and over). I consulted my vet of 20 years who told me there was no need at that point. Once the green snot came, I once again called Tracey who once again told me to give him that same medication  (which at this point was not at all strong enough to fight what we were up against).

We loved on Hurley like you wouldn't believe. He slept with us at night and ate boiled chicken and rice everyday. Our hopes were high and we thought we would beat this, for sure!! While sitting on my couch a few mornings later with my coffee, blanket and Hurley, I experienced one of the worst things in my life. My little puppy, whom I so dearly loved after just two weeks, started shaking and foaming at the mouth. I immediately called my vet and they said he most likey was was having a siezure (which comes with the disease). I rushed him to the vet and left him for the Dr. to look at. I got home and called Tracey. I could hardly get the words out because of how upset I was. She once again recommended that same antibiotic and then told me to give the puppy to her and she would get him better and then give him back to me.  I was not about to let this puppy suffer just to save her a dime.

At this point I was out $1000 (not including adoption fees), and I would have paid even more, anything to save Hurley's life.  The vet called and said that the siezures were caused because of the distemper and that he was running a fevor of 104 deg. He said it was time for me to make a decision. I drove back to the vet, with my 6 month old little girl, and picked up Hurley to bring him home and say our goodbyes.  We did everything we could to save him, but the disease took his poor little life. I mourned for a long time, then I was mad.  Mad at Tracey, and really mad because she no longer cared. She wouldn't return my calls or emails, and I at that point didn't know what to do.

We were heartbroken and missed Hurley tremendously, but at this point we wanted the companionship of the dog that we felt our family desired. Because we now had no money to get another dog, I gave one last try to Tracey... I humbled myself and  basically begged for another dog.  I sent emails and left messages, and 4 years later and still have heard nothing. It is hard to even think about it. It brings all the hurt back to my heart.

Please...don't do it!! Go somewhere else! 

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