By: BLEUSMOMMA  (User Name on Gentle Giants News Message Board)
Posted: Jan 01, 2006

I have never had the misfortune of dealing with the GGR and the Wards (please note that G.G.R. sounds like "Grrrr" which is the sound I make when reading about the Wards.

I am completely amazed at all the unfortunate circumstances that you guys have had to endure and am glad that your furbabies from GG are recovering or have made full recoveries. For those of you that have lost your new additions courtesy of GG I am truly sorry. There is no greater pain than losing a fight like those I have read about.

I am shocked to learn that this rescue REQUIRED the feeding of Pedigree Dog food. I am active in a local rescue here in Phoenix and while upon ocassion we have had a new Dane in rescue being fed Pedigree it was a transitional food used for a VERY short time, usually to help an emaciated dane gain weight and was a decent food that would help maintain stool firmness while switching the Dane from an inappropriate diet (like that "gud" stuff they call Ol' Roy and other garbage foods)

I was blown away to hear that there are no vet visits allowed for 2 weeks!!! All Dane rescues here in Phoenix (wether I like their practices or not) recommend getting your new addition to a vet asap, if for no other reason to get them registered in case they get out and lost. If a rescue has been vet checked its only for a healthy-to-the-eye check up. There is no blood work done, or x-rays or anything else. MOST rescues simply cannot afford to do a full panel check on each dog that comes into rescue, if they claim they do, they are either lying or are making WAY TOO much money in their "rescue" which is a RED FLAG in my opinion.

I saw a post somewhere where a GG adopter saw Kirkland dog food (which I personally feed/its the same ingredients as Nutro Natural) at the Ward's place. What about their Miracle Life Dog food? Give me a break, they can get a DANE to live for 18 years??? I hate to say that I don't believe it. Maybe they can get a Chinese Crested to live for 18 years, but a giant breed?

The Ward's always have puppies. In the 4 years I have been active in rescue here in Phx. our rescue only had two rescues come in pregnant. The first one 4 years ago not only lost her life on the table, but all the 11 puppies died as well. The second momma is still alive and well, she came into rescue about 6 months ago. Most if not all of her pups lived and have been adopted. The Ward's are a wolf in sheeps clothing, they are a PUPPYMILL/BYB plain and simple. I have no proof, but also have no doubt in this.

So, what do we do? Do we leave the dogs there to live out their miserable lives? If we all stop "adopting" from these people (AND I MEAN EVERYONE) and the people that already have adopted refuse to feed GG garbage food (they can't sue every adopter out there) eventually they will go out of business. If we adopt, "to save the life of a poor soul" then they are still in business and won't stop breeding. If we get the word out to the world on their ethics and business perhaps when they have a dog to put into rescue they will look for another place, but it is my understanding that GG pays placers for their dogs as well as will fly them to GG ranch, ummmm, plane tickets are expensive!!! I hope everyone is opening their eyes. Don't feed the ranch, lets look for other places to get our furbabies and remember to pass the word of the GG disaster.

I met a woman the other day that was so happy to announce that her friend knows the Ward's. I was at a Christmas party but felt it my duty to give a little information about the Ward's. Also suggested getting online to see what horrific things people have to say about the Wards and their experiences at the ranch. I felt bad putting a damper on her mood as she knew I was in rescue and was excited to be able to connect by saying she has a good friend that knows a HUGE rescue in California owned by "that guy from Batman", but I did it anyway.

Would Batman even approve of Boy Wonder's antics? Tune in next week for more of the story.... when the Caped Crusader is called in to duty to battle the Ranch!!!

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