Posted by Daniel D.
Posted on:  March 18, 2013

In 2003 I adopted my first Great Dane from Gentle Giants, a 9 month old fawn, female.  She started off crazy but mellowed. After patience and love she became a great Dog for us.  She was not good with other dogs, but was great with all people. After "adopting" the dog, I had questions, and concerns, no emails were returned, no phone calls returned.  She died in the Spring of 2012 after getting aggressive bone cancer.

In 2008 I adopted the second; a Chocolate merle, male. Arriving this second  time to Burt and Tracy's was strange because, THEY WERE BUILDING A WATERPARK IN THEIR FRONT YARD.  We picked out the dog, but had to return in a week to pick him up.
When we did, he had a HUGE wound, which they explained as "he fell into a rose bush".

We love him, but he has been hard. He is aggressive to other dogs, and children, and strangers, even guests who have been in the house for hours, may have a heel nipped if they dare enter the back yard.

Now at the age of 8 his health has deteriorated quickly;  hip dysplasia and potentially wobblers syndrome.

A side note:

Both times I went to Gentle Giants, they had at least 3 puppies, and the puppies weren't fawn, they were merle colored.

Where are these dogs coming from?

Please research Gentle Giants before you give them $1000 to "Rescue"

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