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October 1, 2006

Hi everyone
I have been trying to decide if I should post what happened to my husband and me when we went to GGR in Jan/Feb of this year to adopt a dog. Let's just say that after 2 tries they have my cash and I have NO dog. Here is my story as I explained it to a friend of mine in a letter I wrote to her during the summer (I took out my hubby's name):

"Oh, we had a dog for awhile. Yup, “had” being the operative word. M*** told me for my birthday that if I wanted a dog we could get one. I was so excited I couldn’t stand it! I read my “Dogs for Dummies” book and found a shelter out near Riverside that is run by Burt Ward (Robin, from that old Batman television series) and went to see if I could get a Newfoundland or a Great Pyrenees. I also really wanted to adopt this GIANORMOUS English Mastiff named Hercules but he had dog aggression issues and I didn’t want to deal with a 200 pound dog that might try and eat the neighbors dog. Bad idea.

The first dog we tried to adopt from these people was a female great dane/mastiff mix. Her name was Matilda and we called her Mattie because we couldn’t come up with something better. We had her for a week and had to take her back to the shelter. She bonded really closely with me and decided that M*** was not a welcome figure in the house and she tried to bite him on more than one occasion. The dog decided that I needed a body guard and she would literally follow me all over the house, and if I was going up the stairs she would run up in front of me as if to make sure it was “ok” for me and than turn and look at me to make sure I was behind her. She snapped and growled at M*** more than once during the week we had her and the clincher was that one morning M*** called me while I was at work (he leaves for work later than I do) to tell me that I had to come home because the dog was just out of control and he couldn’t get close to her to put her in the crate. I had to go home and calm her down and put her in the crate so he could leave for work because she would not let him get near her. Every time he tried she would growl and snap and he said this time he thought for sure she was going to bite him (he actually felt fear). We called the shelter and the very next day back she went.

We tried a second time and brought home a female St. Bernard. She was the sweetest, most loving big ball of fur I have ever seen. She was about a year and a half (so we were told) and thought she was a lap dog. Only problem was the shelter told us, “oh yeah, she is house broken, and crate trained, and has had some basic obedience training”. Bull s**t to that is more like it. The dog hated the crate and acted like she had never been in one, she had major anxiety issues when we would go to work in the morning and we would come home at night to find poop in the house and dog slobber all over the mirror in the living room and one night Mike got home before me and she had managed to knock some dishes off the sink and he found glass everywhere, don't even get me started on the stuff she knocked off the mantle in the living room. We tried leaving her in the upstairs bedroom and she ripped the carpet by the door because she scratched at it so much trying to get out, we next we tried the laundry room, well that didn’t work because she scratched so much at the linoleum that we now have a nice big piece of it missing right in front of the door as you walk in there. Between the dog hair and the drool (the shelter also told us that “our dogs don’t drool”). Yeah right. Burt Ward and his wife are a couple of morons, but I digress, so between the dog drool and the shedding and the destroying of my house, we called the shelter and told them we can’t keep her and back she went.

We have been dog-free for a couple of months and I definitely want to get a dog but maybe a smaller dog and not one from a shelter who is run but a couple of people who couldn’t find their way out of paper bag. Good grief"!

Okay there you have it. This was our experience with GG. Thanks for listening! I am out $600+ and had a major learning experience. Will not ever recommend them to anyone and hope Karma bites them on the a**.

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