...Just hit her with a paper towel roll
By:  dg5842   (User Name on Gentle Giants News Message Board)
March 7, 2006

I recently adopted a dog from GGR, and was told she was 4 months old, and in good health.  I found out today she is at least 1 yr old, and half the size she is suppose to be, has many medical problems and is scared of her own shadow. Wouldn't that be a breach of contract on their part? Maybe I could get some of my money back to help pay vet bills.

I didn't find this website (gentlegiantnews) until I started having problems with her (Paris), and called Tracy who just told me to hit her with a paper towel roll. Also my vet said thay should have given me vaccine records. So I than started to get suspicious at that point, and started looking around. Being that this is my first dog, I wouldn't be able to notice the age differance, but you think their expert vet would have noticed!! I just feel like me and my family got robbed!

Has anyone ever tried suing them for lying about the health of a dog and writing false ages on the contracts. Would that hold up in court?

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