A Scam of a "Rescue"
By: Emily
Posted:  August 12, 2009
Source:  http://www.tribe.net/recommendation/Gentle-Giants-Rescue/79bced76-3333-4060-b2c6-c063141c1665

My husband and I stumbled upon Gentile Giants a few years back when we wanted a Great Dane. A friend bred them but wanted to do what I felt was the right thing and adopt through a rescue. We made an appointment to see the dogs but were also told that we had to bring $400.00 with us because appointments are only made for people who intend to take a dog home with them then.

We were finally let in the complex and Tracy proceeded to bring out dogs for us to look at. All of the big beautiful ones that she brought out were more than the $400.00 that we were told to bring. When she brought one out that was $400.00 she was not a full Great Dane although Tracy assured us she was. She was a recent mother and very malnourished but sweet. She looked like a dane lab mix which is a great mix so we took her. We still wanted to get a Great Dane though and so we wanted one of the other ones Tracy brought out also. He was a beautiful huge blue Dane puppy but since he wasn't fixed and the other one we chose wasn't fixed, she wouldn't let us take them both. That was fine because that is the responsible thing to do and I understood.

We got the female fixed at Tracy's vet and she bled all over the house for a few weeks. When we called Tracy about it she said it is normal but if we were concerned that we should call the vet. That turned out to be an ordeal. After a couple trips to Tracy's vet and finally to our own, we found out that she had horrible problems with her ears and skin as well as the bleeding but our vet took care of it. This was eight years ago and we still have her and she is beautiful and wonderful and we are lucky.

We never ended up getting the other dog after everything that happened with the first one. Not because we didn't still want him or because we were overly upset with what happened. We figured that what had happened was a unique situation and that any other dog we or anyone else got would be fine. We just wanted to get settled with the new dog before creating more chaos with another dog. A while later we decided that we would get another and that this time it would be the beautiful huge Great Dane I had been imagining. When we got there with our $400.00 this time she brought out some puppies. Gorgeous dogs. Then I found out that their father was the dog we wanted the last time but couldn't have because he wasn't fixed. The mother was another dog she had on the property. The puppies started at $700.00. We took one (of course the one wanted was $800.00 because he had a blue heart on him.) because we had puppy fever after seeing them all.

Now there is something wrong with that picture. Are rescues supposed to be breeding their dogs? Are they supposed to be selling the puppies as rescue dogs? Are they supposed to be jacking up the prices due to markings on the dogs? I was always under the impression that pretty much no. These things are not supposed to be going on. If they want to be breeders then fine but i think it is wrong to breed and call it a rescue.

One other problem we had with this "rescue" was that Tracy said that if anything ever happened to the dog and we couldn't afford vet bills, etc. that she could help financially. (Perhaps with all the money she is raking in with the puppies being born on her property?) Our puppy got the bloat and we ended up with high vet bills and asked for help. My husband and I were just students at the time and didn't have much money. She wouldn't help and only suggested that I sue the vet.

So overall, i was happy with the dogs we got despite the health problems. They are/were great dogs. My problem is that this place is not a rescue. It sucks people in that want to do the right thing and don't know any better or like the fact that they can pick out and take a dog home. Maybe if real rescues didn't make adopting so difficult, Tracy wards sleezy operation wouldn't be so attractive.

i am writing this because our first "rescue" from the ward's operation is getting pretty old and i have time right now to train another one. i want a dane, i want a rescue and so i got online to look tracy up. in addition to her ridiculously and unnecessarily extensive web site, i found numerous complaints from people about tracy and their experiences with her and the dogs they got from her. now i realize that our situation was not unique and thought i should make our story known also. i hope that my review in addition to all the other negative ones here in tribe and other places online may save some people time, money and unnecessary heartache. Needless to say we won't be going back to tracy for another dog, but i don't know where to go now...

just my two cents

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