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By: Erin
Posted:  May 7, 2009

From a vet, rescue person, and a showdog breeder of sighthounds I know of multiple instances where this group has taken dogs from under rescues auspices. Another instance is a borzoi that was stolen out of a persons yard and ended up with Gentle Giants. - they say they have Silken Windhounds- I know many folks in the breed- no way this is correct re silkens with 6 gen peds making them a legit breed- they are breeding borzois to other things. When I have looked at their page it amazes me they have so many puppies and specific mixed breeds- this is very suspicious. I am offended that petfinder still allows them to list.There is a deerhound currently listed and they badmouth breeders as if they do not breed- (apparently a HUGE amount)

Dogs that have come into my clinic were mandated to be on raw diet or their own diet or no health guarantee was given . Of these dogs one was so obese and hypothyroid(not diagnosed by their vet - who is that I wonder and did they ever take the dog in ??) she was almost 175 lbs when she should have been around 95

Honestly I would not recommend this group to anyone - how can they have so many puppies and also place them for such a high price?? - I live and have contact with a bunch of rescues if pregnant dogs of sighthound breeds were so prevalent where I live- pop of 5 mil- bay area) I would know about it.

so dream on if you think they are legit.

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