There are many things that can be said about their "Facility".

The first one, and a big one, is their claim to COMMUNAL LIVING.

This doesn't work in many ways:

A pack of dogs (or any other type of animal, including humans) cannot live in harmony together, at all times.  There will ALWAYS be disagreements and fights.  When dogs this size fight ... it's not a pretty picture.  When there is a pack, a fight between two dogs will quickly turn into a fight with many dogs.  This is a proven fact.   Living in a pack this large does NOT increase longevity.
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This was their surgical suite.
Starting as early as August 2005, GGR introduced their "Surgical Suite".  Apparently they are having surgeries going on in this place.  (I wonder how they can keep the place sterile with a plastic table.) 

In May of 2006 the Wards had invited a pyschic (Pyschic at Large)  to their facility and and was aired on the Sci Fi Channel.  Below is a video clip of their discussion about the surgical suite.  BUT ... they already HAD their surgical suite as shown on their website in 2005.

It is not clear if THEY are doing the surgeries, or if an outside vet is using their facility to perform surgeries.

What I do know for a fact is any room, building, etc. MUST be inspected and permitted by many Government agencies (FDA for one) in order for it to be used for any medical purposes.

A complaint was filed with the FDA & California Veterinary Board ... and what do you know ... this information has been removed from their website.  It is unknown at this time if they still have this "facility" on their property.

This also doesn't work.   The assertive dogs get to eat, the passive / sick dogs gets what's left over on the ground. 
This also doesn't allow you to monitor how much a dog is eating.  Any dog, not just giant dogs, require a certain amount of food to stay healthy and maintain an appropriate weight.  Most adult great danes eat between 4 to 5 cups of food a day.  This is all they need.  When you free feed like this you have no way of knowing if the dog got enough food or too much.

Many of their adult dogs are not altered until they are adopted.  We have plenty of adopter's testimonies to back that up.

So ......... Communal Living ....... Intact Dogs ............ Gee, I wonder where they get all their "designer breed" puppies from?

No more needs to be said about that.  You come to your own conclusion.

I've received many accounts of Burt Ward tell adopters / potential adopters that this pool is NOT for the dogs. 

In July 2008 I received email from someone that went to GGR to release a dog.  Here is an excerpt from the email this person wrote to me:

"When we got to the property, it looked NOTHING like the website. It was all dirt and there was millions of dollars of construction going on. The front of the house had 2 what looked like sunrooms just built on and in what I guess used to be the front yard was a giant monstrosity of a pool going in - something that you'd see in Las Vegas! With waterfalls and rock formations, moat and what looked like an island in the middle!

We saw no dogs and I asked a worker about Tracy and he took me into one of the sunrooms and knocked on the window. She opened it slightly and asked who I was and after I explained told me to go wait with the dog in the car. So I went back and told my friend who immediately was irritated about that.

Minutes later Tracy came out and I said to her "Wow you guys have a lot of projects going on here" and she said "thats a 100 x 100 foot pool going in" I asked her if that was for the dogs (I just assumed it was an animal thing since they were a non-profit rescue!) - she looked at me kind of funny and said
"for the dogs? no! Its for us" and then proceeded to point in different directions and offer the following information which I also thought was odd "a tennis court is going there and a theatre is going there"

The next day, my friend went back to go get the dog (another story in itself) my friend had a brief  "discussion" with Burt::

"She started questioning him about the construction saying something like "I sure hope the pool you are building is not with money from your non-profit organizations and if it is its for the dogs" - he said "
That's an $850,000 swimming pool - why would I let my dogs in it"!

Yet, according to the caption of this picture, this is a "Paradise for dogs & people".

Can you just picture the dogs reclining on a inner tube,
sipping on a beverage, and floating around their "Lazy River"?
These waterfalls certainly don't look dog friendly
Do you see any dogs yet?
Aww , how romantic.  A soak in the Jacuzzi
This apparently is what the adoption money and donations went towards.
Discovering and Disclosing The Truth About
Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions
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