Waiting in a HOT car
By:  Gadget  (User Name on Gentle Giants News Message Board)
January 12, 2006

We adopted an 8 week old Dane from them in 2004. Had we known then what we now know we never would of. Don't get me wrong I love my "little"...he is so sweet. But part of my story also involved bringing with us on the 3 hour trip to GGR our other 2 dogs. One was a 14 year old lab with very bad arthritis. The other a 1 year old Rat Terrier. We also leave the dogs with a friend when we go out of town who has a German Shepherd so we asked him to meet us there. She insisted that all 3 dogs needed to be introduced to the potential new puppy. Needless to say the 3 other dogs sat for 5 hours in the car with the A/C on as it was Summer time, she never offered them water, we being responsible dog owners had bought water with us. As the older dog was getting very uncomfortable I tried to take him out for a walk to stretch his legs and do what dogs gotta do...she freaked out about the 'puppy grass'. My dog was nowhere near the so called puppy grass (which I suspect has Coyotes running all over it all night long but anyway). Yeah she loves dogs. Her introducing the 3 dogs to the new puppy was shoving the puppy in the face of the 14 year old Lab who was still in the car, he growled and she hit the lab with a roll of paper towels. She didn't seem to even care about the Rat Terrier and she did a similar "introduction" with the Shepherd. After 5 hours of sitting in a car in Summer, which even with the AC on was getting rather hot, and her freaking out everytime I tried to take him or the other 2 dogs out of the car what did she expect. The black Lab acted like a dog. She informed us we had a poorly trained dog. I could tell she was a real dog lover. (yes that is sarcasm)

She never supplied us with any Vet records. Our dog like so many others became sick and we changed his food after he developed a skin disorder under direction of a Animal Dermatologist as they are not Vets I take the Vet Dermatologists word for their food which is crap.

We were going to move to Hawaii about 6 months after we got our guy. We had to have him tested because of the strict laws there. It turned out based on the tests that there was no way he had been given his first Rabies shot. Even though her own 'contract' says he had them. (I am a contract lawyer that contract is not worth the paper it is written on btw.).Hence no vet records. She also would not supply us with any of his other records which to me screams PuppyMill.

I love my dog so very much but these people need to be stopped I don't believe they have the best interest of the dog at heart. It is bad enough they grift people but they also mis-treat dogs. They are bad bad people in my honest opinion.

Thanks for this website makes me feel not so foolish and we love our guy he is so so sweet even if he does cost $600 everytime he needs to go to the dermatologist which is often. A condition that would of been avoided if he had proper nutrition from birth.

Additional Comment made by Author on January 12, 2006:

This will proably the last thing I have to say about the experience of going to that place

Other then never buy a dog in Norco CA....

Is this: They insisted we bring all 3 other dogs. They were totally obssessed with the 8lb Rat Terrier. I assume it was the mistaken assumption that little dogs are yippee and bite. All dogs will bark and bite if they are made to feel nervous. The terrier has never been made to feel that way so she rarely barks and never bites. Yet they were so not interested in the Terrier. We also told them that the older dog was very sick (he in fact died within 6 weeks of us going there), he could barely move so riddled with arthritis. We also told them it'd take about 3 hours to get there and yet they still insisted they knew how to introduce dogs. The older dog never needed to suffer this, he was stiff for days after. It was so cruel that she insisted that he could only get out of the car for a few moments every now and again. I spent the whole time in the back of the car with the other dogs because I was concerned it'd be too hot for them and wanted to monitor all 3 of them. So I never got to meet the puppy my partner did. Then she hit my dog because he growled and called us bad owners, I almost slapped her then and there. I mean they knew it would take us 3 hours to get there depending on traffic, we told them this, we stayed there for 5 hours and then they could assume it'd be 3 hours home and yet they insisted we bring all our dogs and our friends dog. We didn't know better so we did.

I mean I don't care about the Vet bills and stuff I am glad we have our guy, he is so sweet natured, but he was so sick. He had many other health issues besides his weird skin disorder and we contacted them and it was our fault of course. It was the next day we contacted them and after they told us it was out fault we went to the vet. I don't care even he was sick most dogs have health issues when you get them home but most breeders and or rescues tell you about them, they do not pretend they are perfectly healthy animals and blame you for issues that appeared from the first moment he got home.

As for the contract it not only does it go beyond common sense to ignore the advice of professionals and only feed your dog generic food, which Pedigree is basically, but it also goes against animal cruelty legisilation IMO and this insistance to feed a dog something that is bad for them that no Vet, other then those on the payroll of said company would recommend for a large breed dog, is cruel. Almost all large breeds especially Danes have digestive issues, no Vet recommends you feed your Dane Pedigree. I don't want to slam this food and Pedigree is Ok for some dogs ( if I had too I could feed the Terrier this and other people have no choice they can only afford this food).

To keep them in those conditions is cruel. It stunk was dirty, the dogs they had were badly behaved and very aggressive. One dog actually tried to hump an 8 year old girl who was also viewing the dogs with her family, Tracy of course laughed it off.

So many other rescues exist. I want people to hear this so they know and perhaps one day "shelters" like this one will not exist.

Anyways I guess I am angry that I can't do anything other then tell my story to help the dogs they have there now. Thanks for the site, I do feel better.

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