Adopted Sick Dogs
By:  Giantlover   (User Name on Gentle Giants News Message Board)
November 20, 2005

I too adopted from GGR. I was told they were alot younger and that they were checked by "Giant Breed experts" They were, in fact, very sick dogs w/ multiple medical probs and much older. I do think we lucked out with ours termprament wise. since I have come to conclude that GGR simply makes up whatever they want re the dog's history and background. Tracy is really good at dilluding herself you can see she is not quite "right" and actually belives some of what she is making up. Burt is a straight forward opportunist and he is clearly the "front man", working a profitable business veiled as a "legitimate rescue". I pity the daughter it must be confusing for her.

I spent a couple thousand getting my dogs healthy. One still has a leg injury that was not evident immediately to us. What did become evident was how the whole operation is set up: Great website , then the rules about no lookey loos (why not? People need to think carefully about their choices) and no visits to the Vet for 2 weeks (why?) People like us (we had lost our beloved dog to cancer) were prime targets but I will add willing victims that really wanted the dogs badly. The Wards are sheisters but they did not hold a gun to our heads. Be responsible.

I would never return a dog to them, especially since you are not getting your money back.. what is the point? Why tempt fate for the poor dog? Chances are they are never ever going to get a home as good as yours anyway. So keep em and love em if you can.

Live, learn move on... but and speak out to warn others. Burt and Tracy have both had alot of experince in manipulation (Try googling Tracy Ward (Posner) and you will see what kind of people she comes from.

Well meaning folks like us who love dogs mistake them for a good cause What other business has free inventory? (often delivered to them) and a network of well meaning volunteers who cannot (yet) see what is really happening there?

Keep the word out there. If anything it will help somone think twice.

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