Posted by Grant N.
Posted on:  April 23, 2011

I am very disappointed with Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions.  Their site promotes happy dog/owner placement and encourages people to rescue their giant and little giant breed dogs. 

Some background - I am a member of three giant breed rescue clubs in Southern California, have been interviewed and visited by club representatives and deemed a stellar candidate for giant breed adoption.  I currently own a healthy and happy Newfoundland.

After submitting my application for another Newf to Gentle Giants, I received an insulting and rude Email denying my application because I was hesitant to feed the dog THEIR OWN BRAND ("Gentle Giants Brand") of dog food despite the fact that I would be open to switching!  They mentioned that I was "insane" and that what I am currently feeding my dog (ACANA 3 fish formula) "is frightening".  No one called to discuss my application or to inquire about my dog's current physical activity level and nutrition requirements, which play a large part in what food I choose.  THEIR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE IS TO SELL THEIR DOG FOOD.  It's all over their site. 

(On a side: I saved the Email because it was composed in such a way that it seemed they were more than happy to deny my application and a dog a good home.  Strange.)


They definitely DO hoard dogs.  It must be such a traumatic experience for the dogs to always wonder if they will be placed in a good home.  I wouldn't be surprised if many of them expire there as orphans. 

Skip this rescue club.  It's based on Hollywood hype and greed.  Its principles are just as fake. 

Choose a rescue club whose intent is to PLACE DOGS IN GOOD HOMES WITH GOOD OWNERS.

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