Jaime Garcia
March 31, 2006

I have dealt with this organization as a rescuer of a non for profit 501c3 organization whom has had the displeasure of having to deal with Tracy one too many times.

I had heard of other rescue groups unfavorable dealings with her and their combined concerns were regarding GGR pulling all their dogs right out from under them at the shelters in LA County and beyond.

It seems it is a consistent issue with rescue orgs when they put their names on their specific breeds at the shelters awaiting the animals release, that Tracy sends her errand girl/boy/whatever to the shelters and has them pull any and all large breed giant dogs, many of which are actually mixes.

90% of the dogs she pulls from these shelters already have that breed specific rescue's name on them. Why the shelters allow her to pull dogs when other orgs already have their names on them is a concern for us all.

This is how I got pulled into having to deal with her. The first time she did this, she thought it was a Neo, granted so did the shelter, an honest mistake right? A couple phone calls and contact made with Tracy telling her the dog in question was indeed a Fila and not a Neapolitan Mastiff, resulted in her allowing one of my affiliates in California to take possession of the Fila. We reimbursed her for the pull fees, but she also wanted to be reimbursed for the cost of having her girl friday pick up the dog and take it to the vet. My understanding is the shelters take the dogs to the vet and the adopters pick them up there. This fee was $20. I never received any paperwork on the dog.

The second occurrance involved the seizure of three Fila from a vacant home after police chased a perp into their yard and realized they were living in an abandoned house, considered to be abandoned and all correspondence to that address relinquished no owners.

Two of the Fila were juvenile females, the other a young black 6mo old Fila pup. I had my affiliates put holds on these dogs, listed as Fila, and Tracy took all three of them out from under me, again. This time I knew that the complaints of other rescue orgs were true facts for it had just happened to me and Tracy purposefully took those dogs.

When I made contact with her to get these dogs, she advised me that I could take the two female Fila but that the pup wasnt a Fila it was an Adronicus Mastiff (no such breed in existance) I advised her I would take all three or nothing. She refused so I left her with three Fila. She still has the fawn female listed as available on her site and listed as young, but that female is now over three yrs old.

When a local rescue group tried to work with her on getting the Fila, she gave her a deadline, since I had refused to take the Fila unless all three were handed over, the deadline came and went.

While visiting a friend in CA, I made contact with her one more time to try and get the dogs released to me. She wanted me to take the two females but she not only wanted me to pay for their shelter fees, but transportation costs from girl friday as well, to which I advised her that had she not pulled the dogs out from under me at the shelter she wouldnt have needed to incur any fees. I ended up taking the juvenile brindle female (she flat out told me I would never receive the paperwork on the dog)as that was all I could afford even then I was robbin paul to pay peter so to speak, but wanted those dogs out from under her care.

By listing a Fila which is a unique breed with its own unique characteristic of having a high aversion to strangers, an anti social dog by nature, as an Adronicus Mastiff, full well knowing it was a Fila, she has committed Consumer Fraud to the unsuspecting public.

My deepest concern is her high disregard not only for my breed safety but the safety of innocent people whom only get to meet their dog when they come to get it coupled with absolutely no breed info on the Fila Brasileiro puts my breed at high risk to be the next Headline News where the media will crucify my breed just as they did the Presa Canario in SF. They will swiftly move to the top of the BSL list and I will no longer have the right to own them.

I posted something similar to this on the Tiergan's Roar List last year and was listed in a law suit along with Barbara Laird, Marc Sayer, and another gal in N. Ca I believe. I was never served but the others won their lawsuit.

This lawsuit was filed to shut us up from saying deragotory things against them, interesting how the lawsuit seemed to be repetitive with charges relating to them losing commerce, losing business, losing money, I couldve sworn they were a non profit org. Their adoption fees are astronomical in comparison to others whom adopt out "Gentle Giants".

And lets reflect on that word or phrase shall we? A Fila or even a Neapolitan Mastiff are not Gentle Giants, they are not good with all things great and small, not human nor animal. She claims that all her Neo's run together and that they all get along, IMPOSSIBLE. I know as I used to rescue the Neapolitan Mastiff and I stopped fostering them due to their animal aggression issues.

To adopt out a Fila when the only time the adopters meet it is when they take it home is an excersise in liability not to mention downright scary, and in the end it will be the dog that pays the price with its life for being owned by uneducated innocent people. The responsibility of their education lies fully on the rescue org that placed the animal to begin with.

When Tracy met my Fila and my male growled at her she responded by saying she would pop him one in the nose for behaving that way, yet that is exactly how he should behave. Having Fila in her care is downright scary. Having her pass them off as an entirely different breed is fraud.

I witnessed first hand one of her transactions with a local dane rescue org here in Az. I recall how imperative it was that these 11 dogs be gone from her place, wonder if there was an inspection they were holding at bay while they relocated the too many dogs to the dane rescue org here in AZ.? (jmo) One of them was supposed to be a Boerboel, I think Tracy needs some serious courses in breed recognition for this dog was no more a Boerboel than myself!!!!! I should know as I had 25 of them in attendance at my home for the SABT Appraisals in May of 2004.

If I could rate them with no stars or negative stars I would give them a negative milion gazillion. I think we should direct the Animal Planet to this rating site so they can reconsider their relationship with GGR as well as any other media outlets that give them positive interaction with the public. If anyone knows how to do this you have my permission to fwd my post or link to my post.

Jaime Garcia
Fila Rescue
Phoenix, AZ

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