Jim McNutt's Adoption Testimony about Gentle Giants
By: Jim McNutt

My name is Jim McNutt and my wife and I live in north San Diego County, Calif.

Our story goes like this:  My wife and I had to have our dane (Sampson) put down in early 2003.  We were both heart broken, so we contacted Kim about adopting.  She made us a appointment with Gentle Giants Rescue.  On Sunday, we went to the Wards and we fell in love with a 3 year brindle dane named Lucy and bought her.  Lucy was very skiddish, with real torn up ears that were still a little raw around the edges but seemed to like my wife Kathie.  We were told by Tracy Ward that she use to belong to a old woman, was kept outside and had no contact with the outside world or any other people.  The old woman went to a home and the dog somehow got lose that's when her ears got torn up.

Once we got her home we decided to take her to our own vet to have a check up.  Well she tried to bite the vet.  So decided to try it another day.  A week went by, so we tried it again.  Got her inside and she tried to bite the doc again.  So he gave us some doggie downers to give her the following week.  Well he didn't give her enough and that didn't work either.  So we went home and I tried to give her a bath and she bit the hell out of my arm.   Called Tracy and was told she needed more time to adjust.  Like a fool, I beleived her.

The next week we went back to the vet and this time the trip was a success, except the doctor took one look at her ears and said in his opinion the dog was very abused and that someone had cut her ears with sizzors.  She also had two teeth that were infected and needed to be pulled,  and also had two cancerous groths on her leg that we had to have removed.  $500.00 dollars later, we went home with a dog that was taken care of by a onsite vet?????  HA HA HA what a joke.  The dog wasn't taken care of very well. 

That's not all it only gets better. Let me be very clear about something, my wife grew up with danes and we treated her very well for a year and a half.  She slept inside the home every night on her own bed in the living room.  Almost every time I would get on the floor to play with her, she'd  start showing teeth, so I'd back off.  Then one day,  in Aug 2004, my wife was laying on the couch watching TV and Lucy came over and layed down next to her.  Lucy lifted her head and put it under Kathie's hand, like she was saying come on and pet me.  So Kathie did and Lucy bit her rigth hand.  Kathie scolded her and sent her out side. 

The next day, I got off work early so we could go down to AAA to get our new boat insured .  While sitting there, I noticed some red streaks on her arm, so we went right to her doctor and was told to go right to the emergency room she had blood poisoning.  The bite happened  Aug.12 2004,  went to the hospital Aug.13,2004 and decided to get rid of the dog.

I called Gentle Giants and got the answering machine of course and left a message.  That day I got a call from Tracy and I told her I was thinking  about putting Lucy down and she said bring her back, that we did something to the dog.  I had to wait for Burt Ward to call me back and set a drop off time.  The very next day my birthday, Aug.14,2004, my 50th birthday, my wife is in the hospital and has surgery and I take our dog that we learned to love for over a year back where we got her.

I was never offered another dog (not that I would have taken one) or offered my adoption fee back.

So all and all, the dog cost me approx $ 30,750.00.   Its been almost a year now and I feel they owe at the very least $250.00 for the fee and $562.00 for the vet bills.

This has taught me a very good lesson... GG apears just to be a boiler room

Jim McNutt
May 27, 2005 

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