Has anyone shut them down?  No
By: John
Posted:  January 21, 2009
Source:  http://www.tribe.net/recommendation/Gentle-Giants-Rescue/79bced76-3333-4060-b2c6-c063141c1665

I live here in Norco and it is a very animal friendly small town. It's called HORSETOWN U.S.A. and believe me it shows. there are horse trails everywhere(not very well maintained) and it seems like every month there is a parade shutting down the main street on Saturday mornings. I am not a big horse fan, but do love all kinds of animals. Dogs are my favorite and I do have 4 of them. They all stay outside and play with each other and i try to spend time with them. They are just not in the house because I have a 1 year old and a very pregnant wife who they love to jump on to get affection; they are big dogs. Today I was looking up gentle giants as I have always wanted a Newfoundland. After looking at their website I am totally turned off. They want $400-almost $1000 to adopt a pet. Ican't believe it. They make you buy their food which is ridiculously priced. I called the Norco Animal Control and someone abruptly told me that GGR is fine and don't believe whatever other people are saying on the web. I said "what the heck are you talking about?" and she quickly changed the subject. Then i came here and another place and read horror stories about GGR. I couldn't believe the math . At even $600 a pop (GGR claims 25-30 adoptions a week), the total intake for the year is close to a $1,000,000.00 and that is on the super conservative side. Most people supposedly pay more and with the food, who knows how much they are taking in every year. AND WHAT IS WITH THE BRING CASH THING? Shouldn't that raise a red flag. They can't get a credit card machine or verify a check? RIDICULOUS. The shelter lady is the one who told me GGR is run by Burt Ward of BATMAN. WHO CARES? Can someone with some clout or pull look into this? All I wanted to do is see if I could possibly rescue a dog and this is what I ran into. I'm not paying that much to rescue a dog. They actually should pay me because I would provide it a nice loving home. There is no way this is a non profit. BRING CASH PLEASE... Does anyone actually know anything about the financials or how to get hold of them because they are a 501 (c) 3 public benefit corporation. I'm actually unbiased but the $ they want and the food they make you buy............. It concerns me because every cent should be going to the DOGS not the OWNERS, however "semi-famous" you actually are

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