I have dealty with GGR
By: Kaleigh
Posted:  November 25, 2007
Source:  http://www.tribe.net/recommendation/Gentle-Giants-Rescue/79bced76-3333-4060-b2c6-c063141c1665

It has been almost year since I have delt with these people. At the time my husband and I didn't realize what this place really was. We were taken in by their pretty website and full hearted promises that our dog would find a good forever home. We had a Irish Wolfhound named Binn. Long story short.. at 6 months of age Binn lost his use of his back legs and was unable to walk. We did everything we could for Binn, and decided it was best to give him up to GGR with the promise from Tracy that he would have medical attention. We were also moving and were unable to take him with us. We had talked to Tracy on the phone and she paid for Binn's flight and crate. She also said Binn would get medical treatment and that he would be "OK". A few days later I checked their site and saw Binn was already listed as "Up For Adoption". A month later Tracy had added under Binn's name "Not ready to go home yet." I was able to talk to Tracy a few months later and she said Binn was not able to get surgery..which is BS.. our vet told us that there was a small window open for surgery and Tracy knew that. Not sure why she ignored that. I have written Tracy several emails asking how Binn was doing.. she has ignored them all. Binn's name is still under "Irish Wolfhounds" in the adoption section. I'm really not sure if he's still there or if he has died and Tracy let him. If I could do this all over.. I would have never fallen for their ridiculous site. If anyone has seen Binn while visiting GGR please let me know and how he is doing. He is a Wheaten Irish Wolfhound and as sweet as can be! Thank you!

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