February 8, 2008
By: Karol Vladovich

We experienced one of the longest days I can remember (over 8 hrs) appointment time was drug out to see 11 dogs, told wait in our vehicle for an hour and a half as other people were told to park behind us where we couldnít leave and 2 gates were closed behind us.

We were scammed with half truths and flat out misrepresentation, lack of paperwork and records for the animal, no receipt for the $1000 I was asked to pay (called while in route to the Wardís home) GREEN BACKS ONLY!

We received no response when we called and emailed for three days as we took care of a very ill dog that ate his own feces as soon as he did his business, having never seeing this before I had to read up why a dog would do this.  I was told to buy their bottled water because their dogs are not used to toxins that could possibly be in our water supply.

The situation became worse, I was told to not to bring the dog to any vet except hers doing the appointment and when the Wardís vet and the Wardís did not return our phone calls or numerous emails until late in the night of the third day. Only to have the situation summarized as a cold and that the dog must have caught at our home, Mrs. Ward said we were irresponsible for not caring for him like a child and that responsible people do not give their children away.

Although we have had many dogs, we had not previously experienced a situation where green discharge came out of the dogís nose and eyes. We demanded she take the dog back to handle his heath issues and give us our money back. She refused and we brought the dog back to her which was not an easy feat and once again she said that she would not give us our money back and that we were horrible people to be so irresponsible to not care for this dog at our own expense.

I had found out your web site too late for the heart ache and expense our family went through. Iím writing this so that others will not go through the same experience.

We contacted a different rescue and now have two wonderful, healthy, vaccinated dogs with veterinarian documentation to prove it. The rescue did everything they said they would and more, unlike the Gentle Giants resale of sick dogs.


Karol Vladovich

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