A Nightmare from the First Day
June 19, 2009
By: Kelley H.

BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE AND BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.  We had an absolutely horrible experience with these disreputable "caring" people who tout their "gentle giants" as housebroken, socialized, wonderful dogs who need a forever home. After spending HOURS in the horrible heat (not to mention dealing with the filth, flies, and dust everywhere), we looked at several dogs (some of which were obviously mixed breeds), we finally decided on a six month old female fawn Dane who seemed very sweet but shy and skittish.  We had to wait three days because she had to be spayed (which made me suspicious as I thought rescue dogs had to be spayed/neutered after a certain age).  We picked her up at Tracy's vet clinic and when we finally got her home it was an absolute nightmare right from the minute we walked her into our backyard. She was so frightened that she hid behind our trash cans in our side yard and when I tried to coax her into the house, she snapped at me repeatedly.  Needless to say, I was very frightened and called Tracy and she basically said oh, it's stress, get a treat and she'll be fine.  Well, that of course didn't sit well with me since this dog was very frightened and also very dangerous.  We finally got her to come out and into the house after hours of her cowering behind the trash can in 100 degree heat.  She was very frightened, neurotic, and after just one day, started showing very aggressive behavior towards my husband.  I called Tracy numerous times saying that this dog has very serious issues and she said, oh, go get a crate, she loves her crate, she'll calm down immediately.  So $200 later, we bring this huge crate home, tried to get the poor dog in there, and she went absolutely insane once we got her in the crate. It was like some wild horse trying to bite its way out of this "wonderful nurturing crate environment" Tracy spoke so highly of.  I called her several times the first week and every suggestion she made absolutely fell short of what she said would rectify the situation.  It was obvious that the dog had been traumatized from some past event(s), she was NOT housebroken and managed to wreak havoc in our house in terms of terrible accidents and obviously was not potty trained as Tracy represented.  Finally, after consulting with a very reputable trainer who came to our house to assess the dog, she felt the dog exhibited dangerous tendencies in terms of aggression and fear, felt the situation was untenable and that we should return the dog to its previous situation if we could.

So, a whopping $900 adoption fee later, we took the dog back to Tracy and she said okay, let's look at other dogs we have available.  We basically told her it was one of the worst experiences dealing with the way she represented her dogs, we obviously could not recoup our money, and at that point we just wanted out of there, it was such a bad experience. Tracy does not listen to anything you say, and absolutely misrepresented the dog's temperament and circumstances.  She takes absolutely no responsibility and lays the blame on you if you experience problems with the dog you adopted. After telling her how we felt, she treated us like dirt and her husband basically turned his back on us and was so rude you would not believe it.  Stay away from these people at all costs.  They are bad news.  We learned a very sad lesson.  Do your research regarding rescue facilities.  You can find a reputable place to find your wonderful dog. Heartbroken doesn't begin to describe how we felt after this fiasco, not to mention an overwhelming feeling of loss and humiliation.  Hope this helps.

Kelley H.

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