Why is it?
By: Linda E.
May 28, 2006

It's very sad that an incident happening last yr is being drudged up again/Tiergan.

What better way to take the heat of ones self (Idaho Rescue) than to cast dispersions on another rescue. I am curious as to why it is this dirty laundry is being brought up AGAIN and now????  Very curious!

Oh and why is it we, the public, who contributed to Tiergans fund with love in our hearts, never heard that he crossed the Bridge. I guess knowledge of his passing would stop the funds coming in for care (no longer needed) from good hearted unsuspecting people...

If GG is doing such a great job as a rescue then WHY IS IT there is a group called Gentle Giant News with plenty of adopters with horror stories to tell???

How is it that GG ALWAYS has puppies in sooo many different breeds? I know for a FACT that "very seldom" do bitches come in that are pregnant or the owners didn't know... hmmmmmmm

Why is it they very seldom give adopters the correct information about dogs leaving their compound including but not limited to health issues, age of said dog, vaccination records from a licensed vet, adoptions contracts that have the same notes and signatures as those given to the adopters and my favorite one... holding  adopters captive for hours on end til the wee
hours??????????? I guess a very tired and hungry adopter will overlook some details that they might have noticed 8 hrs earlier in the daylight...

Why is it they NEVER do home checks and very seldom to never check references. Why is that?

What reallllly peaks my curiosity scares me is,  WHY they tell adopters NOT to go to a vet for 2 weeks after bringing the dog home... Our adoption contract specifies that you HAVE to take your adopted pet to your vet so they can at least get registered. Not to mention, adopters bless their
hearts, can lose records in all the excitement and our dogs go home with REAL vet records that we want their vets to have! But then we have nothing to hide.

According to testimony given on the condition of dogs leaving GG,  it is a very smart strategy to advise unsuspecting folks to keep the dog(s) home for 2 weeks... That way, when something crops up in regard to the health of the dog, GG can always say and usually does, it was the adopters fault and the dog was fine while at GG!!!

Isn't that amazing??????  Isn't it amazing how every dog that leaves their compound is in tip top shape yet there are folks with PROOF of vet records where some have spent THOUSANDS of dollars within days of the dog coming home... Why is that????

Why is it that there are GG adopters who adopted over the years STILL  waiting for vet and vaccs records....hmmmm Maybe because there are NONE??????

Why is that that most of the rescuers in a close proximity to GG and then some, have all had GG dogs come through their rescues as the adopters REFUSED to return said dog to "those people"/GG... hmmmmmm Why is that?

Why is it that GG keeps taking poor rescuers to court,  who can barely make ends meet, when the rescue only speak the truth or voices their opinion of very questionable goings on at their compound? Oh and GG doesn't win those cases, might I add.

Why is it they feel sooo threatened by other rescues? We have heard many foolish reasons given including Burt's once noted fame. Give me a break.. who cares about a has been... please!

I doubt those that are reallly trying to get GG closed down (bless their hearts), will ever succeed but... perhaps in letting the unsuspecting public know of the things that have transpired there, some lives, broken hearts and pocket books will be spared.

But then,  we are talking about GG and their suck ups  who are only to happy to supply GG with in tact dogs for the GG backyard breeding program... I hope they reward you well for your propaganda, lies, and smear campaigns...

MOST of us are just hard working folks trying to do right by each dog that comes into our homes and touches our hearts.

BUT, we have to battle the "bad press" of those who try to cheat the public. I for one grow very weary of all this crap.

Linda E.

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