He can't climb stairs
By:  Lineover  (User Name on Gentle Giants News Message Board)
November 18, 2005

I adopted a wonderful dane from Gentle Giants. He was beautiful, but had a bit of a hip problem. I asked Tracy Ward if he could climb stairs (as I lived on the 2nd floor it was imperative that a 125lb dog could climb) and she told me that he has climbed stairs and would climb stairs "no problem."

Wrong, there was a BIG problem.

He wouldn't and more importantly couldn't climb stairs more than 1-2 stairs in height. He was unable to physically bear his weight for more than that height of stairs, even though I was assured that he would and could. Had it been a mental thing, my boy could have been trained, but this was a physical condition which was obviously known prior to my adoption.

Unfortunately, after 1-1.5 weeks of carrying this beautiful guy up and down the stairs 3x per day, my back couldn't take it. I had to bring him back to the rescue. No return of my donation or offer of return. Only an inquiry as to whether I would like another dog.

At this point, I've gotten somewhat attached to a dog I feel guilty about returning, but I should take another?!

I hope nobody has had my experience.

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