Out to get your money - nothing else
By: Lori
Posted 5/27/07
Source:  http://www.tribe.net/recommendation/Gentle-Giants-Rescue/79bced76-3333-4060-b2c6-c063141c1665

Anyone who truly believes this place is a bonafide rescue - had better explain how they get so many puppies - often crossbred like Borzoi to Deerhound... Borzoi to Saluki... they are BREEDING them. That much is obvious. They are a grandiose PUPPY MILL hiding under the guise of a rescue and asking for your money - please please PLEASE do not give them a cent.

That lengthy, glowing report about them posted above was laughable - and so obviously Burt or Tracy posting that it is pathetic. The notion that "jealous breeders" are out to sabotage them cracks me up.... there is nothing to be jealous of with their shoddy operation...

One star is too high a rating. SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN - that would be the way to truly RESCUE the poor dogs in their "care" and under their "training".

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