Mailani's Adoption Experience
by: Mailani Horn
November 2, 2006

I can't believe I just found this site and can relate so much to the other adopters.  All this time, I thought that my experience must just have been an exception to the all the other adoptions that have taken place at GGR.  My mom and I had just lost our bull mastiff and were looking forward to getting another giant breed dog when I saw GGR on Huel Howser's T.V. show and got really excited to rescue a dog from them.  We applied and got accepted.  They told us to bring $400 cash and we had to wait in the car until they told us we could enter the yard.

It smelled horrible as you exited your car, but we were excited to see all the dogs.  The process took an eternity, over 6 hours, and it was exhausting to say the least.  Some of the other adopters had to leave their own dogs in their cars the entire time.  They said they had over 80 dogs there at the time.  There was a very old great pyrenees that was very sick and would not move, and I told Burt that this dog needed help, and I helped him into a wagon so that Burt could move the dog inside. The poor thing was so lethargic he wouldn't budge as we lifted him and his hair was all matted.

They brought out dog after dog, some were incredibly malnourished and shy, but Tracy would say that they had just gotten them in that way and they hadn't had the dog long enough for it to have gained weight (I totally believed it and that may be true, their  own dogs were a very good weight).  Needless to say, we fell in love with an incredibly sweet 9 month old brindle-quin female.  Tracy said that they had just gotten her in that week, she was a little skinny but not as bad as most of the dogs.  We were shocked when Tracy said she was $900 because of her "rare" color and that she was so easily adoptable, but of course we had already fallen in love with this dog who would not leave our side.  Needless to say, we adopted her but we couldn't take her until she had been spayed, so we picked her up the next week.

Immediately after we brought her home she started hacking. We took her to our vet after calling Tracy and getting no response. She had a horrible case of kennel cough.  My mom was very upset and finally talked to Tracy and she said to bring the dog back and they would treat her there for free. My mom decided not to call her again until our dog had recovered with our vet, just to avoid a confrontation.

A month after we adopted our dog, we had to find a place to board her and Tracy had said they boarded there for a great price and the dogs enjoyed playing with each other. What a mistake!  After we picked her up, she had contracted Parvo there and almost died.  Tracy was very defensive and said it was impossible the dog had gotten it at GGR, but we still hadn't taken her out of our yard yet.  Wasn't she supposed to have received all of her vaccines before we had taken her? Tracy said we could take her back and have her treated there, to relieve the cost of vet bills, but there was no way we were ever bringing our dog back there again. We were told she was UTD on all shots, but who would know because we never received any records.  We ended up spending over $4,000 the first three weeks we had our dog, but she has been worth it.  We really lucked out with her temperament as she is gentle and kind with all people and animals.

I think the Ward's truly think they are helping these animals, but are so out of touch with reality that they don't see that the animals are not being cared for properly.  I really think they are animal hoarders. I do think they started rescuing to help animals, but have now seen that they can make a huge profit in it and are taking advantage of people who are trusting them with everything at the animals expense.  We decided after our dog almost died from parvo, not to include them on anything with our dog again and took off the tags that have the rescue info on them that they insist you must leave on forever.  The only thing we need to do now is try our hardest to get the microchip changed to our info and not the GGR.  After reading these other posts, I wouldn't doubt it if they got the call that the dog had been found, that they would take her and try to sell her again without ever contacting us.  Thank you so much for spreading the truth about this place.

Mailani Horn
November 2, 2006

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