Completely Misleading Web Site
By: Marie
Posted:  March 26, 2012

Go or don't go, just don't say you weren't warned.
Neither the dogs or the clean environment seen on the website will be what you experience when you get there. Their website designer is a genius. You won't see the clean pretty place with multiple dogs at the same time or clean dogs.
The only real Great Danes I saw where their personal 2 dogs. It was dirty, they were dirty and they dogs were dirty.
We didn't see many and they strung out bring them to us one by one so we wouldn't have time to see many.
Most dogs were skinny and sickly looking.
They misrepresented the ages of the dogs telling us it's not unusual for 1 year old puppies to have gray beards.
They only took cash (obviously so they could hide it from the IRS or deny you gave that much) They say their dogs are between $500 and $1000 but they are all about $900.
We had to wait 45 min. for them, in our car.
They kept trying to get us to take two
I don't think any of them were full Danes but they claimed they were (even of those we only saw 3 so called Danes)
If they were short dogs they claimed they were puppies
They said their Great Danes live 18 to 20 years with their food, my vet said BS.

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