Posted by Marisa
Posted on:  February 20, 2011

It is over three years since we adopted a St. Bernard "puppy" (1 year old) from Gentle Giants.  I still think about how everything went down.  The whole situation still makes me sick.  I wish I had more thoroughly researched Gentle Giants before adopting from them.

The place itself was under constuction when we got there so we were kept waiting for 6 HOURS!  Tracy slowly brought about one dog an hour out.  My kids were stir crazy and cold and by the time we finally got out of there we were all exhausted, dirty and resigned to "adopt" ($800) a dog who we knew absolutely nothing about.  It's one thing to adopt from a shelter--you never really know where the dogs have come from and what they've been through.  But at Gentle Giants they have elaborate back stories for each dog including our dog.  My main concern was that this dog was friendly with kids and people.  We were not adopting a dog that had aggression issues with people.  We made that very very clear.

So bringing our dog home was a big deal.  Tracy had told us not to introduce her to anyone but the family for two weeks.  We followed her rules thinking that she knew what she was talking about.  Well, after that two week period we started to inroduce her to people who would come in the house.  She attacked or tried to attack anyone that came in our house even the 8 year old daughter of a friend.  I spoke with our vet about what to do and also started to do research on Tracy (who at the time had 5 lawsuits against her pending and she was also suing several people who were not feeding their adopted dogs the Gentle Giant Dog Food that Tracy and Burt push)

In this time Tracy was not calling me back and I needed this massively aggressive dog out of our house.  My vet suggested bringing the dog back to Tracy and Burt and calling the Better Business Bureau.  He had a feeling that they were running some sort of puppy mill (Tracy always manages to have puppies of whatever breed you want and they are way more exspensive.) And also perhaps hoarding animals.

I want people to know what Gentle Giants is.  Tracy and Burt Ward are making money hand over fist --- this business is not run out of the goodness of their hearts.  If you want to adopt a giant breed dog go directly to that breeds rescue website, most breeds have places to rescue in your area.  Always a much more reliable way to adopt.  Or go directly to your local animal shelter.

Good luck and I hope you find the dog right for you!

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