As shown on Huell Howser California Gold Series "Visit with the Gentle Giants" aired in June 2005 and Animal Planet Adoption
Tales, Burt Ward has stated that his rescue dogs consume 1400 pounds of kibble per day.

An average giant breed dog eats around 1   to 2 pounds of kibble per day (for "math" purposes, let's use 2 pounds).

If the Ward's are feeding 1400 lbs of food per day, divide that by 2 lbs. per dog this equals 700 dogs.

So, according to Burt Ward's statements...  they are feeding at least 700 dogs PER DAY


Perhaps their 55 dogs (the amount allowed for them to have, as per the City of Norco) are eating 28 pounds of food per day, PER

Also keep in mind, not all the dogs at Gentle Giants are giant breeds.  They also have Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Silken
Windhounds, Chinese Crested, Xolos, and other smaller breeds.  Plus, some of them are puppies.  So the food consumption for
those small breeds will be A LOT less than 2 pounds of food per day.

So you do the math.  What do you think?

Was the quantity of food, that Burt Ward stated publicly about, a bit over-exaggerated?  Or do they actually have more
than 55 dogs on their premises?
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Last updated:  September 2013

Printed throughout numerous newspapers articles and magazine articles, and on their own website, Burt and Tracy Ward has
professed to have adopted out an average of *600+ dogs per year, since they started their rescue efforts in 1995 (in some places,
they claim 1,000 dogs per year).

(*As of September 2013 ... they are claiming to have adopted out over 14,000 dogs.)

With this said, consider how much gross income this will generate.

During the most recent two (2) years prior, 2003 & 2004, the average adoption fees for Gentle Giants ranges between $400.00 to
$650.00.  During the 2005 year, the adoption fee has increased to $650.00 to $900.00.

So, let's use the year 2003..

600 adoptions @ $400.00 per dog equals $240,000.00.   Realizing that this is GROSS income, not taking in consideration of how
much money it takes to operate an organization of that magnitude ... that's a lot of dough.

According to Gentle Giants' 2003 990-EZ IRS Form (for the period between May 5th through December 31st) that was filed with
the Internal Revenue Service, they stated that their GROSS income was a mere $22,300.00.  That averages out to $2,787.50 per
month = $33,450.00 GROSS Annual income.

So do the math.

Let's do this in reverse:  2003 Gross Income = $33,450.00.

Divide that by their average of 600 dogs per year = $55.75 per dog adoption fee.


Divide that by their average adoption fee of $400.00 = 83+ dogs per YEAR.

Are Burt and Tracy Ward grossly over-exaggerating the quantity of dogs that they actually adopt out or is there
something else going on ?

What do you think?

By the way:  Since Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions, Inc. is a Non-Profit Public Benefit Organization, their 990-EZ tax forms
are available for the public's viewing.

Click HERE to download their IRS 990 Forms
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