Over $4,000 for only 10 months of life
By: Michelle
January 10, 2009
(Adopted: Sept. 27, 2005)

I saw Tracy on a TV show so thought was okay to adopt.  You know what I'm talking about...

We drove 4 hours and had to wait in our car for over an hour.  After seeing Mastiffs and " The dog of the Day" we picked out a "4 Year old Dane"  very under weight.  Tracy told us he had an elderly owner who could no longer walk him.  We took him home.  Our vet is a great dane specialist.  At 97 pounds she took one look at him and said he was more like eight years old.  Two days later, he twisted his stomach and $4000.00 later we saved him.  Tracy kept calling my vet.  I advised her ( my vet is female ) not to give any information.  My vet's husband - who also works at the clinic - told Tracy to F... off and never call again.  Tracy reported my dog stolen to the company who monitors the chip "she" puts in.  I advised the company that we would hire an attorney if anyone took our dog.  I never heard from them again.  My dog lived for a wonderful 10 months.


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