By: MstLvDgs (user name)
Posted:  November 23, 2010

Can you say "HOARDERS"? The smell in the house will knock you on your ass! Its disgusting. They need to be exposed for the dog hoarders that they are and all those poor dogs need to be saved! And of course they love these dogs, it's their bread & butter! This moron hasn't worked since his "batman" days. Their income comes strictly from the dogs, so of course they "love" these dogs. They are backyard breeders as well...they receive dogs from shelters for free and if they are not fixed they don't get them fixed as required, and they run around the property and are allowed to breed. The only time they fix the dogs is when someone pays to adopt, then they'll do it. Thats how they "obtain" all these litters.

And for any potential adopter reading this....know this FACT....the dog "ANGEL" (the Pyrenees)and all her 9 puppies were brought to her 2 years ago!!! Those cute pics of those puppies are no longer FRAUD! She contiously posted those as puppies on Ebay Classified 2 months ago. So if anyone wants to get her for "False Advertising" DO IT!!

The reason animal control will not do anything is because they get very large donations from GGR and nobody pushes the issue. They get complaints, but then the people complaining don't follow up. Laws also make it difficult, without sufficient evidence they cant just walk onto the property and look around. So they call, GGR cleans, and then lets animal control look at only certain areas, if at all. Citizens need to go to city hall, go to the city officials and push to get something done. These dogs are in an unhealthy environment and need to be confiscated!

Getting paid CASH on 900 plus a dog? Thats right you heard it right, they charge $900 or more per dog! No LEGIT rescue charges that much, they don't even get the dogs all shots that are required for a healthy life. They get whats required by law...the rabies vaccine, thats it! And most dogs they recieve are already spayed/neutered. And all the dogs they receive they get for free! They spend almost no money on these poor dogs. You see that high end pool in their front yard? Rescue money paid for that, I believe it was around $800,000. And NO thats not for the dogs! And for the food they try to bully you into feeding your dogs, so they can take more of your money....they can't force this on you. No matter what you signed, you don't need to continue purchasing their dog food. Just don't, they may call you to threaten you, but tell them to pound sand. Legally they can't and WON"T do anything.

As long as people continue to give these animal abusers CASH of $900 or more, they will never be stopped! They will keep selling sick dogs, allowing breeding, claiming to be a a legit non-profit rescue and the complaints will continue. SO PLEASE DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE ANIMAL ABUSE AND START PUSHING THE CITY TO DO SOMETHING!! LETS SAVE THESE DOGS!!!

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