"Just trying to find a good home"
by: "My Mastiff" (Gentle Giant News message board user name -- real name on file)
October 13, 2007

My experiance with GGR was a little different then the ones I have read. I actually gave my dog to them!

My husband and I after having our first baby felt we wernt giving our dog the attention that he deserved.. He starting howling so bad that the neighbors started complaining. So after searching on the internet I discovered GGR. I wish I would have found GGR News first!

After many calls they finally called me back. She told me how wonderful they are and that he would be trained for at least 3 months before he went to a good home.

My husband and I traveled 3 hours to take our dog to them. Once we got to the locked gate we were told to stay in our car until they came out. 1 hour later I finally called them and said my dog really had to pee! Tracy finally came out with a contract and told us that to insure our dog got a good home it would be good for us to make a donation. As I was writing the check my husband asked if he could see where our dog would be going. She said NO! She said she didnt let strangers in her home. Our guts said don't leave him there but I said no we were just sad about leaving our baby.. So we left!

The next day I recieved an e-mail from an angel.. someone who also does rescue. She said I should check out GGR news website. I freaked out! I called tracy and asked for my dog back. She said I would have to pay for him. So after giving her a nice donation I would now have to pay more to get him back.. In less than 24 hours. I said that was fine and that I was on my way! On my way there she called and said that she had found our dog a really good home and if I was sure about taking him back. Funny .. what about all the training! She also explained that since I released him to her that I would have to sign a contract with her and that i would have to feed him there food for the rest of his life and that if they felt he wasnt being treated well that they could come and get him any time they wanted.

Once there I just told her that I changed my mind. I didnt tell her about this web-site becase I felt she wouldnt give him back.
She charged me for correcting his howling... within 24 hours!

All the way home.. 3 hours my dog laid in the back not moving! for the next 48 hours he just laid in the house not moving or eating. Im pretty sure they drugged my dog. I wish I would have been smarter and had his blood tested as soon as I got home.

I was scared to say anything for a while. I put locks on all my gates.. I was so scared they were going to come and try to get him for us not buying there food...

We still have him.. would still love to find him a GREAT home! Although its so hard.. I don't want to ever go thru something like that again! 

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