I would never adopt from a "rescue" group  that operated in that manner
By:  onyx   (User Name on Gentle Giants News Message Board)
April 14, 2006

I am new to this message board. I once considered adopting a dog from GGR, but once I looked closely at the information on the GGR website and called the recording to find out what their adoptions conditions were, I knew it was out of the question--I would never adopt from a "rescue" group that operated in that manner.

Unfortunately, to answer your question, I think it's unlikely that potential adoptors are seeing *this* site in time to do any good. It was well over a year ago that I was considering adopting from GGR, and today is the first time I ran across this site, in spite of the fact that I am on the internet every day, and I have continued looking on the internet for a borzoi to adopt. On the contrary, one of the borzoi sites that I checked for available dogs, Shefaro Borzoi
http://www.shefaro.com/holyborzoibatman/, has nothing but high praise for GGR.

The potential adoptors who are skeptical enough to make an effort to thoroughly check out a rescue organization before they tried to adopt from them probably would have seen red flags as soon as they looked as GGR's website, just as I did.

Having said that, it seems like fraud could be a basis for a class action suit. If the rescue organization told the adoptors that the dogs received certain veterinary care, when in fact the dogs didn't, that is a misrepresentation of material fact. I'm not a lawyer but it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to prove that dogs did not receive veterinary care/vaccinations as stated if no veterinary records can be produced to substantiate that care.

And have any of you tried running this situation past any of the TV expose shows like Dateline or even Oprah? It certainly has all the makings to generate public interest.

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