Bad news for dogs and adopters
By: Shana Kerr
December 15, 2005

Please do yourself and all the dogs a favor and don't ever adopt a dog from this organization or give them a single penny! They ask for adoption fees exceeding $700 for sick dogs, mixed breed dogs (they call rare, but really just mixed), puppies born there they bred and more. You have to hand them cash just to walk in the gate, they do not do home visits before or after aodptions, they do not check or verify references, they force adopters to buy and feed ONLY their brand of food......that is NOT rescue and they are making a killing doing this. Tracy is not "all there upsatairs" and believes what she is doing is helping, so she easily pulls people into her psychosis.......but she is NOT helping any of the breeds they sell and what they are doing is NOT rescue in any form. Don't feel bad for her feel bad for the animals, the best thing that could ever happen for them or for her would be for Gentle Giants to be shut down and her to receive some type of therapy! - Shana

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