Gentle Giant's Danes goes to Arizona Rescues
By:  Sharon
November 21, 2005

I know that sometimes people start out in rescue with altruistic goals and things don't stay that way.

I am in Arizona.  About 3 years ago or so, several of the Phoenix rescuers, got a call from someone in California asking if they would take some dogs.  The story I got was that the Wards had been on t.v., some Animal Planet show, talking about their rescue and all the dogs they had. 
Apparently the county knocked on their door and confirmed the number of dogs discussed on the show and notified the Wards that they were not licensed for that many and had to get rid of some of them.  The area rescues took some, and about half a dozen ended up in Phoenix.

I ended up adopting one of them, a female who was most decidedly not a purebred dane and had some serious health problems.  She passed last May.  She was a sweet girl and I shudder to think what would have happened to her if she stayed there.

P.S. My information is second hand, but I don't mind you posting as long as that is clear.

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