Worst Place in the world for dogs
By: Terry
March 15, 2008

We made an appointment in Norco and we were required to bring our other two dogs and my daughter and son-in-law. We rented a motel room and went to Gentle Giants Rescue at Burt Ward's house. When we first got there in the van, Burt came to the van and told us to keep our dogs from barking and pull around to the back of the house. Two other parties came and eventually Tracy came out and we were seated.

She asked what kind of dog we were interested in and we told her. She then brought out dogs that we weren't interested in. I took a picture of her handing a dog to another party. She then insisted that I couldn't take pictures and then told me to take off my sunglasses off. When she started bringing out the Great Danes, one of them was shaking with his tail between his legs. She finally got one out that we wanted. When I asked her how much she needed she said 900.00 . She also said we couldn't take the dog because he had to go to their Vet. We were told to wait there in Norco for 3 days. Believe me, all of the dogs were filthy. There is no telling how many dogs they had in that house but it must be deplorable.

Don't make the same mistake we made.

We came back to Las Vegas and called the Great Dane Rescue of Las Vegas here and within 2 days we got the greatest dane from a very well run shelter here for $75.00 that included a free checkup from our vet, a sack of dogfood and discovered a real Great Dane rescue.

I don't know why we had to pull around back of the house, keep our dogs quiet, no pictures, and why I had to take off my sunglasses, and why we would have had to pay $900.00.

Thumbs Down !

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